Who Is Taboo Intimacy ?

Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. At Taboo Intimacy we believe in thinking differently about sex as promoting and fostering a deeper connection. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our beautiful gift boxes designed to ignite all five of your senses, simple to choose a complete experience to explore your desires and simple to use with guided cards inside. We make great intimacy gift boxes. Let Taboo Intimacy give you the toolbox to achieve a new level of closeness!

All things sex, all things intimate, all things natural in the world of evolution, seem to still after thousands of years be Taboo Intimacy. In-fact if anything over time we as a society have learnt to communicate less and less about sex and intimacy resulting in the breakdown of relationships.

For those ready to delve into the world of adult novelties to either try to connect on a deeper intimate level again, or look for something to spice up a lack luster relationship, the choices on the market have been overwhelming and choices confusing for most.

With the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon in the last few years the adult industry and hardware stores have experienced a spike in sales of all things considered kinky, but people are still left trying to discover what to buy and how to find the harmony in the exchange of power.

This book peaked the curiosity of many but failed to depict anything accurate about the world of BDSM. Those classified ‘vanilla’ wanted to dip their toes into this new world to explore their hidden desires and make their fantasies a reality.

Created by Melina Macdonald who knows love, sex and dating, Taboo Intimacy was designed to remove the confusion, educate and help supply the right tools and ideas to get you either out of your comfort zone or to spice things up again.

After becoming single after 11 years of marriage our Melina decided she wanted to get her own inner sparkle back. Her journey started into the world of self- discovery and adult products and was mortified at the misinformation and
sleaziness of the adult industry. Breaking all the rules in the industry by putting a face to the company Melina is now the leading Intimate lifestyle Educator in Australia today speaking as a guest speaker at various women’s events.

As a team Taboo Intimacy brings a unified message of intimacy, communication, trust and respect with the goal to enhance relationships and lower the divorce rate for years to come.

Taboo Intimacy supplies for the first time in Australia, a full sensory experience accompanied by luxurious erotic lifestyle products. It also includes; How To Cards and Taboo Play Cards to suggest ideas to keep the experience fun, safe and intimate. Some of our experiences include our specifically developed couple’s questionnaire to open the lines of communication and get the engines started again.

With the only company making sure their clientele are looked after from head to toe, their box sets go from super soft products selected for those not ready to try adult products to a beginner’s kink level.

It’s time for change and Taboo Intimacy is here to help with that today!

Company Top 5 Values

Brand – Our brand is about sophistication, education, empowerment, connection and discretion. We focus on providing the consumer with the best experience through our channels of education, products and service.

Connection – Our business approach is about long-term relationship building with our customers, our suppliers, our internal team and affiliates.

Discretion – Our brand, products and service ensures the discretion and privacy of our consumers, which differentiates us from the stigma around intimate products.

Education & Empowerment– Our aim is to educate our suppliers, teams and affiliates about importance customers psyche, needs and to make sure that our customers have the best experience through using our products and service. Our mission is also to empower the consumers to create better relationships with themselves and with their loved ones.

Innovation – We pride ourselves as the industry leader in introducing the best quality products, through research & testing to our consumer base. Through our packaging, branding and education channel, we provide an innovative and friendly approach for women and couples to intimate and personal products.

Company Vision

Community Development through working to change perception and understanding of the industry and relationships is vital to our long-term vision. We help enhance relationships by offering a complete experience to bring consumers closer together, bring back connection and lower the divorce rates for years to come.